Operational Research in Order to Predict the Demand for Products

  • N. Macedonia Fluturim SALIU, University of Tetova
Keywords: field of management, market development, operational research, innovative managers


In correlation with the new achievements in the field of management, and in the context of increasingly complex market developments, operational research as a set of methods and techniques with macro-enrichment, aspire to a serious role in the decision-making process of managers.

Unsatisfactory state of use of methods and techniques of Operational Research by current users in the economy is a special challenge for educated managers. In this sense, the offer of selection of methods and techniques presented in this paper should serve a positive movement in the approach to decision making.

The structure of the methods and techniques is a consequence of the author's assessment of the possibilities of application. In this context, the question of adapting to the needs of managers and, consequently, appropriate changes and content, which could occur on the basis of feedback, remains open.

The selected method and technique of linear programming, which is presented in this paper, is presented in such a way that it can be applied in marketing research. Truth be told, managers in various areas of their activity, including market research, have always been engaged in new, better solutions to perceived problems.

The nature of the relevant material was and remains a limitation in terms of achieving sufficient credibility of the solutions found.

The development of mathematical methods, procedures and appropriate algorithms has changed the interest of managers when the development of industrial production has increased and the general and specific conditions in the functioning of business entities. Then the interest in operational research increased sharply and now it is simply inconceivable that innovative managers who want to manage their poles well do not use these methods and operations.


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