Security Analysis of the External Economic Activity of the Enterprise in the Conditions of the Digital Economy

  • Nizamov A. A. Dean of the Faculty of Socio-Economics of TURON ZARMED University PhD
  • Ravshanova G. R TURON ZARMED University Teacher of the Department of Economics
Keywords: economy, analyze, economic activity, enterprise, digital economy, threats, external activity, internal activity


this article analyzes the development of the digital economy in the conditions of the market economy and globalization, as well as the activities of enterprises, foreign economic activities and the security of this process. Taking into account the positive aspects of the globalization process and its threat to the economic security of the country, each country is required to develop new directions of the concept of ensuring its national security.


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A. , N. A., & R, R. G. (2023). Security Analysis of the External Economic Activity of the Enterprise in the Conditions of the Digital Economy. Central Asian Journal of Innovations on Tourism Management and Finance, 4(2), 1-4.