Innovative and Traditional Ways of Developing Gastronomic Tourism in Uzbekistan

  • Makhbuba Ruziyeva Tulkinovna Lecturer, Department of Tourism and Hotel business
  • Ziyoviddinov Shukhratjon Turgunpulat Ugli Student, Faculty of Economics and Tourism Bukhara state university Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Keywords: gastronomic tourism, artificial intelligence, contactless communication, halal certificate, kosher certificate


This article highlights innovative and traditional ways of developing gastronomic tourism by the help of using foreign experience. Digital and technological innovations, including the use of chatbots for booking, mobility models to manage the flow of visitors, artificial intelligence, service-oriented robots and similar innovations, can revolutionize the development of the industry, as evidenced by the experience of many foreign countries. At the same time, the possession of special halal or kosher certificates, depending on the type of gastronomic service enterprises, is one of the requirements that causes many considerations among tourists visiting our country, and it is also mentioned that it is an important factor for the development of the gastronomy sector.


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