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The article discusses the relationship between investment policy and the country's economic security, shows the role of investment policy in the context of the impending global economic crisis in ensuring the country's economic independence, anticipating and overcoming the consequences of the economic crisis. The necessity of developing an investment policy in Uzbekistan is substantiated, an approach to its formation, structure, main aspects and directions of investments is proposed. In the field of real investment, it is proposed to focus on the development of industries that ensure the acceleration of scientific and technological progress. Proposals for the further development of the financial markets of Uzbekistan are given.


economic crisis economic security investment policy real investments financial markets securities

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Mirzakhodzhaev Alisher Botirovich, & Nasirov Dilshod Farxadovich. (2023). Investment Policy as a Tool for Ensuring the Economic Security of Uzbekistan. Central Asian Journal of Innovations on Tourism Management and Finance, 4(11), 8-12. Retrieved from


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