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The main objective of this study is to diagnose the role played by strategic leadership in its dimensions (determining strategic direction, investing in strategic capabilities and talents, developing human capital, maintaining an effective organizational culture, emphasizing ethical practices, and implementing balanced organizational control) in achieving creativity. The problem of the study started from a main question: (Do leaders in the Anbar Education Directorate realize the role of strategic leadership in achieving functional creativity?) Given the importance of the educational sector, the study was conducted in the Anbar Education Directorate and the study was applied to A sample of (230) employees, and in order to process the data, a set of statistical methods were used to analyze the data collected and processed using the SPSS program and the AMOS program, and these methods include (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, Pearson correlation coefficient, simple linear regression coefficient, multiple linear regression contrast test). The study reached a set of results that were entirely consistent with the research hypotheses, the most important of which was the interest of the researched directorate in all variables and dimensions of the study, the presence of significant correlations between the research variables and their sub-dimensions, and the presence of a moderate correlation between strategic leadership and functional creativity.


strategic leadership functional creativity Anbar Education Directorate

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Srour, D. B. A., & Fahad, O. G. (2024). The Role of Strategic Leadership in Functional Creativity: An Exploratory Study in the Anbar Education Directorate. Central Asian Journal of Innovations on Tourism Management and Finance, 5(1), 40-53. Retrieved from


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