Tourism is the basis of the economy as one of the fields

  • Досымова О. Ж М. Х. Дулати атындағы Тараз өңірлік университетінің «Туризм және сервис» кафедрасының аға оқытушысы, Қазақстан, Тараз қ.
  • Амангелдиева М. Т М. Х. Дулати атындағы Тараз өңірлік университетінің «Туризм» мамандығының 3 курс студенті, Қазақстан, Тараз қ
Keywords: tourism market, oil and gas industry


The relevance of this article proves that the tourism market is currently developing as a separate component of the country's economy. The tourism market has gained a leading position in the economy, which has attracted the attention of many leading countries around the world. In the future, tourism can completely replace the revenues from the oil and gas industry, and for the country, the development of the tourism market is a long-term investment in the future of the country. A clear example of this is the United Arab Emirates, where the share of oil and gas in GDP of the UAE is currently less than 30%. It is planned to reduce the figure to 20% over the next 10 years. Such positive dynamics was possible due to the rapid development of non-oil sectors. The most developed industries are re-exports, trade and tourism. The UAE government plans to further increase the role of innovation, financial services and hospitality in the country's economy. Revenues from the oil and gas industry in our country will be 44% by 2019 and continue to grow. Such a policy will not last long, because oil is not a renewable natural resource and sooner or later its sources will dry up, so from today we need to think about alternative types of resources. One of them is tourism. People travel all the time and travel for various personal reasons.


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